CEO Lorenzo Delpani Photos 2018

Former Revlon CEO Lorenzo Delpani is a Global business and community leader. Here are some of Lorenzo Delpani’s photos; including photos from aspects of his business and community career. In 2018 Lorenzo Delpani is active working with NGO’s and businesses around the world, delivering visionary marketing and top level business advice.

As a CEO, Lorenzo Delpani is frequently invited to be a speaker at various events and for lots of types of organizations.

CEO Lorenzo Delpani recently was invited to speak in Hong Kong at the HKUST about building a successful career in marketing.

In 2018, Lorenzo Delpani recognized that the world is in a race to help save rainforests; and the climate worldwide, and he has committed significant time and resources to help win this vital race, for Americans and everyone around the World.

Lorenzo Delpani, CEO, deeply appreciates all the people and groups he has spoken to, listened to and learned from around the world. He is constantly learning and traveling the world being exposed to leaders in many industries and many NGOs.

By traveling and listening he is able to contribute his international marketing an business skills in uncommon environments to the delight of NGO’s worldwide.  In 2018 Lorenzo Delpani is focusing his efforts in a combination of business and charity work globally.


CEO Lorenzo Delpani business and community speaker


CEO Lorenzo Delpani is a big supporter of Singularity University


Lorenzo Delpani CEO is a global business and community leader


Lorenzo Delpani
Lorenzo Delpani CEO is a Visionary Marketer


Lorenzo Delpani shares his photos for the public on his Instagram page. Please follow him there too.



Lorenzo Delpani. Photos. 2017 and 2018.