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Decline of Rainforests, Climate Change + Bigoted Racism

Lorenzo Delpani

Bigoted Racism Drives Bullying in both Climate Change and the Decline of Rainforests


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Climate change and the decline of rainforests worldwide is a clear and present danger. The effects are complicated, different across the globe. This has resulted in very complex changes in regional and local weather patterns. Society’s response is multi layered in terms of human’s relationship to Climate change and loss of rainforest.


Society has responded with regulations, activism. The ongoing efforts have even stirred activists to do everything from physically tying themselves to trees or natural objects, all the way through lawsuits and settlements around the world.


But few people realize that in addition to the science, health and community issues that accompany climate change and the decline of rainforests; there is a deep underlying human rights issue as well. In much of Asia, Latin America, Africa and even in the US; chronic racism, tribalism and religious hatred creates bigoted bullying  towards groups in way of development.


This affects primarily people of color, people at the bottom socio-economic ladder, such as indiginous tribes without money to hire legal representatives to file lawsuits or obtain development/construction freezes.

This also affects African Americans in US cities, and large populations of immigrants in Latin America and Europe.


The oppressors are sometimes multi-nationals, sometimes local business concerns and sometimes just other groups out to create harm and devastation. Sometimes governments are in on the action using paid thugs, media manipulation and or censorship and will often post contradictory information to confuse outside monitoring groups.


Dealing with the ongoing and growing science, weather and climate issues related to climate change and the decline of rainforests is a multi-faceted operation. It involves lawsuits, settlements, legislation, activism and responsible use globally. We all need to be aware of the human beings suffering systemic bigoted bullying, chronic racism and anti-indiginous human rights abuses caused in the process of destruction of rainforests and climate change. It is both the earth and it’s people that we need to be concerned with. All people, regardless of race, religion, sex, ethnicity.

All humans suffer from climate change the loss of the rainforests. Bigoted bullying used specifically to promote racist ideals is often used as a weapon against those weaker in the climate change fight. This is a terrible abuse of human rights.

Lorenzo Delpani is major supporter of rainforests
Lorenzo Delpani is major supporter of the climate and rainforests.