Lorenzo Delpani Community Leader

Lorenzo Delpani, is a Philanthropist and a community leader involved with many global community projects, in addition to being also a world known Business Leader.

On top of his business and education initiatives globally, he has found a real interest in helping to save the rain forest in South America.

Lorenzo is a contributor to Singularity University.

Additionally he is global lecturer on business, marketing and how NGO’s can make use of these skill set and tools.

Lorenzo Delpani is extremely proud to be involved with F.A.R. The Amazon Foundation for Reciprocity. In 2017 and coming in 2018 Lorenzo Delpani recognizes the race to save the rain forests, and decided to do his part.

FAR is one of his favorite projects, please click here to learn more about this wonderful and caring organization!

CEO Lorenzo Delpani is a proud supporter of FAR to save the rain forest.


Lorenzo Delpani is a supporter of FAR
Philanthropist Lorenzo Delpani works to save the rain forest.


We should all care about the environment and climate. It is up to all of us to do things, both locally and globally to ensure that future generations have clean air, clean water, lots of trees, green space and keep the earth’s inheritance moving forward to many generations moving on. — Former Revlon CEO Lorenzo Delpani, Philanthropist. 2018.