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Lorenzo Delpani Inspirational Thoughts and Questions for 2018 Professional Resolutions

Lorenzo Delpani

LORENZO DELPANI INSPIRATIONAL Thoughts and questions for 2018 professional resolutions!


  1. Find your passion and identify your strengths.Be objective and make a thorough assessment asking people honest feedback. Are you self-aware? 
  2. Leverage your passion and strength and if necessary change job to do so.You will get better results leveraging your strength than improving your weaknesses. Success comes from creating new solutions beyond normal ones and to do so you need to leverage above normal strengths.  What is your core strength? 
  3. What you do in life echoes in eternity, so make sure your purpose is worth pursuingAre you proud of what you are doing?
  4. Whatever you do, be respectful of the planet.It is a social imperative to preserve and develop our planet and world. If you succeed at the expense of the planet you are a thief that is stealing from mankind. What are you going to do for the planet in 2018? 
  5. Be Honest. Radically Honest. It is very difficult at times, especially in the new PC world, but it pays off in the long term. But be aware, the fact that you intend to be honest does not mean you are right!!! Everything you say is based on your perceptions and perceptions can be totally inaccurate.  Are you honest?
  6. Aim for RUIDO in everything you do.That is to do things that are Relevant, Unique, Impactful, Differentiating and Ownable. What is the RUIDO level of your initiatives?
  7. The world’s most precious resource is common sense.Unfortunately, it is everything but common. You can develop it by experience and by learning from mistakes (yours or others). Also, common sense requires the capacity to understand complexity but execute with simplicity. Keep things simple. What did you learn in 2017 that you can use for 2018?
  8. Be focused on the 80/20 and if possible on the 99/1 or the “one thing” . If you do one key thing per week, you will accomplish great things in 2018. What is the one thing that you can do every week that has the highest impact and return on effort and resources? 
  9. Understand that you do not know what you do not know.Ignorance is the most common characteristic of human beings. And lack of self-awareness is the ultimate ignorance. So be curious and prepared to constantly learn. Even in areas where you think you are an expert, you can learn a lot, as reality is dynamic and evolving. Nothing is static. The world is changing exponentially and consequently your expertise becomes quickly obsolete. Which are your knowledge gaps and what are you going to learn in 2018? 
  10. Mens sana in corpore sano. Last but not least, your productivity and effectiveness depends on your physical health, stamina and mental health. You cannot really “hack” your way to it with “stacks”. To be sustainably effective, you must manage stress and stay healthy. Believe me I know from personal experience as I have worked for years in burnout mode. It is a complex and holistic effort but I have learned that the 80/20 solution is quite simple: 1) SLEEP TO RECHARGE, 2) EXERCISE TO RELEASE STRESS and 3) EAT HEALTHY that is avoid all toxic substances (tobacco, alcohol, sugar, stimulants, etc.).  Are you fit to succeed and be happy? 

Lorenzo Delpani, January 2018

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