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Lorenzo Delpani Statement on Settlement of Lawsuit in 2015

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Statement on Settlement of Lawsuit in 2015

Lorenzo Delpani Statement on Settlement of Lawsuit in 2015.

In December 2014, I was named together with another senior executive in a lawsuit by a former Revlon employee. The lawsuit, which was against Revlon and not me, included a number of allegations that were sensationalized by the media.

Almost immediately in March 2015, the case was amicably resolved by Revlon and the former employee,and the lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice.

I obviously continued as Revlon’s CEO until end of March 2016, and as a Board Member thereafter. I left in April 2016 for personal reasons.

While I cannot comment specifically on the case, the allegations were unfortunately widely reported. This despite Revlon’s denial of any wrongdoing at the time.

Revlon issued a statement of support from its Chairman, Mr. Ronald O. Perelman, that said: “ I know Lorenzo as an executive and as a person. (…) I personally know his mind and his character. He is among the least bigoted or biased human I have ever known. He has my full support.”

Many current and former employees and colleagues supported me throughout the difficult situation and have provided recommendations since that time which can be found on my Linkedin page.

In 25+ years of leadership in global consumers businesses, managing several thousands employees across the world and across different cultures, no one else ever filed a lawsuit against me personally.

Notably, in 2015, after the lawsuit was resolved, WWD recognized me as Marketer of the Year and Adweek also recognized me as one of the “Most influential leaders in marketing, media and tech.”

Lorenzo Delpani Statement on Settlement of Lawsuit that occurred in 2015. 

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