Lorenzo Delpani

Lorenzo Delpani, Global CEO, Investor, entrepreneur, serial innovator, world class marketing leader and renaissance man.

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Let me introduce the real me...

  • Hello, please to meet you. My name is Lorenzo Delpani and I am an Italian born in Brescia, Italy. However, I see myself as a Citizen of Planet Earth and a modern renaissance man. I speak 5 languages fluently having lived and worked in 8 countriesfor 5 Top Global corporations operating in the consumer goods business.
  • I have explored and/or visited all continents for work and pleasure many times adding up way over one million miles, that is over 20 times the earth circumference. Traveling, exploring the world and getting to know new cultures and people is my primary hobby. In fact, I hope to visit other planets too before I die (come on Elon, we count on you...).
  • Accomplished CEO and world class marketing wizard, I love creating brands and products. I am a serial innovator and have lead the development and successful launch of several blockbuster innovations in multiple consumer categories. My innovations got over 15 Product of the year awards. Was recognized as Marketer of the Year in Beauty (for mass market) by WWD in December 2015 and also recognised as one of the Most influential CEO in marketing, media and tech by Adweek.
  • For me creating innovation and great products is a form of art. Innovation is the expression or application of human creative skills, knowledge and imagination. As such it is a form of art, albeit more rational and functional. If you do it well, you see it everywhere on shelves or online and people watch it, use it and like it. It gives me great satisfaction a dopamine kick.
  • My character and style is energetic, assertive, demanding, direct, radically honest and at times intense. Not everybody likes it and that is fine to me. At times, I do not like myself either. I tend to have a polarizing effect. People that are smart, committed, eager to learn and that deliver results tend to love me. Under-performers, uncommitted, dishonest and manipulative types tend not to like me because I challenge their comfort zone or confront them openly and directly.
  • I am proud of my professional accomplishments that came through constant innovation, personal sacrifice and huge effort. As a person I believe I am good and definitely on the light side of the Force. Or at least I want to be. But I am no Jedi, but rather a gladiator and a fallible human being and that knows that has to continuously improve. In fact, I dedicate a fair amount of time on self improvement and this effort will never end.
  • I do not want to live forever, yet I am trying to reach escape velocity to increase my life-span and health-span. This because I am curious and what to see as many episodes as possible of this intricate, engaging, irrational and sometimes unfair and frustrating show that is life. I am passionate about the Longevity field and I am learning several aspect of it. It is about helping people live longer, healthier and happier lives.
  • Currently I am a Board advisor, investor and a start up entrepreneur but I am still searching for the holy grail i.e. the right opportunity to make a dent in the universe.
  • Last, but not least, I am father of two wonderful kids and a happily married and loyal man.
  • Visit my Linkedin Profile on; https://www.linkedin.com/in/lorenzodelpani/